Friday, June 15, 2012


I was looking at Dealboard, and found this video below. Dealboard stated recently in their news:
"We have, however, recently opened a dedicated customer service line for you to call. Please call 02 9283 2686 and speak with a member of our team."
It's always nice to be able to phone up online service providers, and speak to a real person. Dealboard (so I read in the article) even encourages customers to contact them by phone if they have any issues at all with their item being on time or would like to check the status of their order. It's nice to know good old fashioned customer service still exists in online retail providers, especially with all these deal and coupon type startups that barely seem to have a contact email address, let alone a phone number.

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  1. I love that that guy calls himself the "seo guy", the even better part is his name is bruce. What a champ, wish I could get a shirt like that.