Monday, April 11, 2011

News Feed Ads

Ripped some ads of Craig Foster's news feed:
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Live life your way!
New Apartments for sale in Hawthorn, just 10 mins from the Melbourne CBD designed by Rothe Lowman Australia's most renowned architects.
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Melbourne Bucket List
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Saturday, April 9, 2011


Wyld Stallyns Myles I have a Melbourne Soundwave ticket.
get that other Craig Foster off number one and you have a deal
18 February at 20:37 · Like / Unlike
Marcus Carcass ‎@craig, how about I just make you number one for "sex pest"? there's not much existing competition for page 1 except for some guy called known as Greggy.

Wyld Stallyns Myles Mmm, tempting! But, no.
18 February at 20:58 · Like Unlike
Marcus Carcass not even for winning us that best dressed prize?
19 February at 14:13 · Like Unlike
Wyld Stallyns Myles Not even.
19 February at 14:19 · Like Unlike
Daz Le Can you get me on page one for something not ridiculous?

Most likely, unless it's super competitive, then it requires cross site scripting / sql injections etc...not too legal.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Some posts from Craig's wall

Testing a program to rip people's feeds off their facebook wall.

Craig is attending Marcus' Birthday drinks.
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Craig changed his Profile picture.

Craig likes Hotel Max - Prince Maximilian.
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He posted a photo to Marcus Carcass's Wall.

wow you serious!!twins hey! lucky you!!when is it due?your wife must be going through a lot as I can imagine, I am actually due in September, living in the toilet currently vomiting non yai yai..deft,hit me up when ur in town, I might be in middle of giving birth! lol

This guy is quickly becoming my favourite human of all time
Live the Sheen Dream - A random quote generator from Charlie Sheen\'s recent rants and words of wisdom.
"Your face will melt off and your children will weep over your exploded body."

Monday, April 4, 2011

Craig's ex sms

Once upon a time I scored Craig Foster's ex girl friend's phone number, then was able to use my super hacking skills to send an sms from her phone (more to the point, using her phone number, not her actual phone), all done without her knowledge or permission.

The message was sent to Craig's phone explaining how good I was, and other innuendo.
It was absolute gold.

Had them bamboozled for a while, and especially had Greggy scared witless about the possibilities of having power over his whole employer's infrastructure.

Really though, it was a newbie exploit.

Friday, April 1, 2011

The Real Craig Foster

This is the home page of Craig Foster, the real one, not the impostor without the glasses on SBS commentatating the world cup / old soccer/football player for Australia.

No, this is the real deal, the angry resident who opposes big developments next door to his house.

The highlight of his life was when he featured on the front page of the Leader newspaper, arms crossed, looking very angry, trying desperately not to smile.

Craig's efforts were in vain though, as now the building next door to his house is practically built on top of his (beautifully landscaped by Dan) back yard.

What other useless information can we put in here?

Oh yes, Craig is also the person most responsible for those very strange messages popping up around Windsor and Prahran in Melbourne around 2 years ago.
These messages even made it into The Age newspaper, or at least on to their online version.

Here's a picture of Craig

Here's a picture of Craig in his natural habitat.
Those of you who know Craig might believe me that this is actually him, but I can assure you I am one hundred percent positive when I tell you it is him. but the reason you may not recognise him is it looks as if he may have lost his glasses.
craig fosterCraig Foster in action


Do you like the books background? I chose it because Craig Foster is a bookish guy, with amazing spectacles, that occasionally get smashed when he gets smashed, in the face, at the MCG.

Craig also has an impressive book shelf at his house, it has a wide range of material, a mostly leather bound collection of about 11 books, including a little known paperback known as The Da Vinci Code (Craig's favourite).