Friday, April 1, 2011

The Real Craig Foster

This is the home page of Craig Foster, the real one, not the impostor without the glasses on SBS commentatating the world cup / old soccer/football player for Australia.

No, this is the real deal, the angry resident who opposes big developments next door to his house.

The highlight of his life was when he featured on the front page of the Leader newspaper, arms crossed, looking very angry, trying desperately not to smile.

Craig's efforts were in vain though, as now the building next door to his house is practically built on top of his (beautifully landscaped by Dan) back yard.

What other useless information can we put in here?

Oh yes, Craig is also the person most responsible for those very strange messages popping up around Windsor and Prahran in Melbourne around 2 years ago.
These messages even made it into The Age newspaper, or at least on to their online version.

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