Thursday, September 1, 2011

Melbourne's Foster to represent Australia

Craig Foster of Melbourne is set to represent Australia in the sporting event of our generation. No not the World Cup, but a triathlon or something or other.

For party animal turned elite athlete, Craig Foster is relaxed about his big event, cracking bad jokes about Java and politics, rather than the sports event.

A Foster win in China for Australia would make this a bureaucratic dog's breakfast. A win by the young Australian could cause an upset and fracture the geo-political relationship of China and Australia. With the Chinese world famous for their sporting prowess and achievements, and occasional doping accusation in sports events such as swimming, they take their sport very seriously. However Craig's loyal fan base and legion of female followers give the rising star hope.

Known for riding a BMX around Melbourne, while his younger brother drives a respectable car, we're unsure what business Craig has riding a bicycle in a serious event. Stranger things have happened. We could be looking at the next Steven Bradbury. Here's hoping that every other competitor drops out of the race to make an easy win for the boy from Oz.

Craig Foster is due to depart for the triathlon next week. We wish him the best of luck.

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